Bandeja Paisa tasting COLOMBIA!

Bandeja Paisa tasting COLOMBIA!

That’s correct! We’ve escaped the wintertime in Chile for a time and flew to Colombia – we’re currently in Cartagena experiencing the Caribbean vibes, melting in the sun and, of course, ingesting our times apart.

Behold the mighty Bandeja Paisa, a platter with what exactly is a sometimes called “peasant food” – yummy, fatty, packed with lean meats and carbs and, hence, extremely rewarding. Only individuals who, just like me, are too eager to consider almost everything turn out getting such a dish on the working day as soon as the heating scarcely enables you to stage beyond the house. When you go to Colombia, be wise and get Bandeja Paisa while you are from the Andes as well as the climate demands this sort of stress of energy.

This typical plate from Colombia includes red bean stew provided with rice (you will find a very little hill of white rice underneath the fried chicken eggs in this picture, yet it is also frequently provided with coconut infused rice), soil beef, fried chicken eggs, fried plantains (regionally generally known as patacones and extremely common being a part for meals), chorizo, chicharron (or pork crackling in English language, which is basically an adorable way of declaring “fried slice of pork fat”), fried arepa (the regional flat a loaf of bread created using maize), greens as well as a generous portion of avocado.

Shakira affirms hips don’t lie in Colombia. But having like this… they certain broaden!

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