Easy Delicious Mashed Turnips

Easy Delicious Mashed Turnips
Nutritious Gu >(for each serving)
76 Calories
5g Extra fat
7g Carbohydrates
1g Health proteins
Nutrition Facts
Helpings: 6 to 8 servings
Volume per helping
Unhealthy calories 76
Percent Day-to-day Value*
Overall Extra fat 5g 6Percent
Saturated Fat 3rd generation 15Per cent
Cholesterol 13mg 4Percent
Salt 92mg 4Percent
Complete Carbs 7g 3Per cent
Dietary Fiber content 2g 8Percent
Healthy proteins 1g
Calcium mineral 54mg 4%
*The % Every day Benefit (DV) tells you just how much a source of nourishment in the food items helping plays a part in a regular diet regime. 2,000 calorie consumption per day is utilized for basic nutrition guidance.

Mashed turnips really are a a lot less starchy, a lot more sharply flavoured substitute for mashed carrots. There is a amount of chew which is delightful along with roasted meat of all sorts and are especially nicely-suitable for servicing with lamb. "Neeps", while they refer to them as in Scotland, is a prized aspect plate provided with hearty stews, as well as other various meats food.


  • 2 lbs turnips
  • 1/2 cup complete milk products (or lotion)
  • 3 tablespoons butter
  • Great sea sea salt (to preference)

Methods making it

Gather the components.

Always rinse and remove the turnips. Cut them into huge, even parts (retaining them just about a similar size will assist make sure that they prepare at the identical rate). Put the turnip pieces in the pot, protect all of them with cool drinking water, and bring into a boil. Add sufficient sodium for the preparing food drinking water therefore it choices just significantly salty (sure, you'll put salt at the conclusion, but sodium within the preparing food h2o may help enhance the ideal taste in the turnips themselves, and limit simply how much sea salt you put in the end, when it seems to generate a meal style far more salty as an alternative to experienced).

Make the turnips until they're very soft when pierced using a fork—10 to fifteen minutes after the water concerns a boil.

Meanwhile, delicately temperature the milk in a tiny saucepan over reduced heat (or maybe in a micro-wave-safe compartment for 15 seconds on substantial energy). Put the butter and dissolve it into the dairy. Set aside.

Empty the turnips thoroughly, send them back to the cooking pot, and put the container above medium sized-very low heat. Shake the pot gradually, but continuously, to hold the turnips relocating (and not browning), for about 3 moments to dry the turnips a lttle bit.

Spending some time to get this done will assist maintain the mashed turnips from being watering.

Mash the turnips until they're as sleek as you can. In case you have a ricer, use it to "mash" the boiled turnips to get a fabulously even feel (you take the items within the ricer, push the take care of downward, and voila—no piles, no bother!). No ricer? A potato masher or perhaps a large fork will continue to work well, too. Simply because they have much less starchy foods than potatoes, you don't be concerned about turnips turning gummy in the same way, so if you wish to heartbeat them in the meals processor chip or work with a palm blender to mash them, just do it.

Mix the warmed milk products and dissolved butter into the mashed turnips. Include sea salt to taste (don't be scared, sea salt is vital to bringing out the ideal in all underlying fresh vegetables!). Provide the mashed turnips very hot, or at best really cozy.